Pediatric Dentist

We are a pediatric dentist office in Mckinney, TX. Pecan Tree Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care so that children can stay in excellent oral health. Additionally, we help your child maintain good oral health with restorative dentistry procedures like cavity fillings and crowns.

Why You Need a Pediatric Dentist

When treating children, it is not enough to get the job done, how it is done is equally important. At Pecan Tree Family Dentistry, we understand that how a child feels during their first several dental visits, will influence how they react to dentistry throughout their lifetime. A positive experience now can set the tone for ongoing, regular dental care throughout their adult life. A negative or scary dental visit can have the opposite effect and make them not want to visit the dentist anymore. In our office, we take active steps to ensure their emotional and physical comfort. To learn more or to schedule a pediatric dentist exam, call (972) 562-0767.

Pediatric Dentist Procedures

Pecan Tree Family Dentistry offers a variety of pediatric dentistry procedures that can help your child to stay in excellent oral health. While it starts with a dental exam and teeth cleaning, this is only the beginning. As a pediatric dentist office, we can also complete fluoride treatments and seal the teeth when necessary. These two procedures can help to strengthen and protect teeth so that they are less likely to become infected or get a cavity.

If your child does get a cavity or an infection, we can treat it right away with a dental filling. Even baby teeth need to be treated because of the discomfort that they can cause your child. Fortunately as a pediatric dentist, Dr. Kim can complete the procedure with precision so that your child can get the care they need without further complications.

Can A Pediatric Dentist Fix My Child’s Chipped Tooth?

Yes, we can. As a cosmetic dentist, we can restore your child’s chipped tooth by applying resin to their tooth and shaping it until it matches their natural one. Dr. Kim will use every tool available to match the shade of the resin with the child’s surrounding teeth, so it blends in as best as possible. Most people will not notice a difference between the bonding material and your child’s other teeth. However, if your child’s teeth are still growing, they may need a revisit Dr. Kim to reshape the tooth.

As a pediatric dentist, we will discuss all of these treatment options, including the possibility of sedation, with you. This way you can make an informed decision as to the dental work you want to have completed and the timing of it. In some cases, parents prefer to postpone treating minor cavities for a few months if they feel their child may experience a developmental milestone, for example turning four years old, that may make them more prepared for the treatment. At Pecan Tree Family Dentistry, we will work with you to ensure that both you and your child are confident in the decisions that you make regarding their oral health care.